Data Analysis & Reporting


Practical Translation of Health & Social Data

This presentation was given at the March 2017 ACH Convening by Eli Kern of Public Health-Seattle & King County to help ACHs get towards a collective approach for meeting ACH data needs under Medicaid Demonstration projects. This resource explores the practical translation of health & social data to support ACH planning.

The Critical Role of Data for ACH Success

This resource is a presentation given by the Healthier WA AIM Team and ACH representatives to identify key data needs, opportunities, resources and limitations to advance ACH success.  The presentation explores next steps to build capacity and practicality for effective use of data. (Sept. 2016)

The Role of Data in Demonstration Project Selection and Planning Success

The resource is a presentation given at the June 2017 ACH Convening.  The objective of this presentation was to highlight the role of data in the Washington Demonstration and why its ongoing use is an essential component of ACH success, with a primary focus on ACH data use expectations for the upcoming Phase II Certification and Project Plan submissions.