Technical resources found on this page include information on data analysis and reporting, data collection and monitoring, data governance and evaluation. 


Data Analysis and Reporting

The Critical Role of Data for ACH Success

This resource is a presentation given by the Healthier WA AIM Team and ACH representatives to identify key data needs, opportunities, resources and limitations to advance ACH success.  The presentation explores next steps to build capacity and practicality for effective use of data. (September 2016)


Data and Metrics Discussion

This webinar features a discussion on the following:  pay-for-performance metrics, data road map update, and new data scope. (September 18, 2017)


Data Inventory

This resource is a catalog of data resources for potential ACH use, including datasets made available from HCA/AIM on, and those regularly available from other state and federal agencies. (September 21, 2017)


Developing Data-Driven Rationales

This document designed to support ACHs by communicating concrete examples of the level of and types of data use expected for the ACH Project Plan applications.  The document outlines examples and best practices, including a set of sample “data-driven rationales” or types of arguments where ACHs might leverage data in support of an ACH’s proposed project selections or project plans. (September 21, 2017)


Health Information Exchange (HIE) & Health Information Technology (HIT)

This slide deck discusses HIT and population health management project plan application requirements, implementation plan development and the Medicaid HIT/HIE Roadmap and Operational Plan. (October 9, 2017)

Practical Translation of Health & Social Data

This presentation was given at the March 2017 ACH Convening by Eli Kern of Public Health-Seattle & King County to help ACHs get towards a collective approach for meeting ACH data needs under Medicaid Demonstration projects. This resource explores the practical translation of health & social data to support ACH planning.

The Role of Data in Demonstration Project Selection and Planning Success

The resource is a presentation given at the June 2017 ACH Convening.  The objective of this presentation was to highlight the role of data in the Washington Demonstration and why its ongoing use is an essential component of ACH success, with a primary focus on ACH data use expectations for the upcoming Phase II Certification and Project Plan submissions.


Data Collection and Monitoring


ACH Data Roadmap

This resource includes background information on Washington State's health care data coordination efforts, the Washington Health Care Authority's expectations for ACH data collection and use, and existing and anticipated data resources for ACHs.  This document will be updated as additional information becomes available. (June 19th, 2017 Version)


Healthier WA-Analytics, Interoperability & Measurement (AIM) Overview

At the March 2017 ACH Convening, Healthier Washington gave a presentation on Analytics, Interoperability and Measurement (AIM) Program and the Healthier WA Data Dashboard. The AIM Program at HCA was created to help centralize and efficiently channel data requests, technical assistance and provided measures.


Data Governance


Data Sharing Agreement: North Sound ACH 

In January of 2017, North Sound Accountable Community of Health (NSACH) entered  into a Data Sharing Agreement with the Health Care Authority.  The HCA Data Sharing Agreement identifies, describes and protects the data being provided to NSACH and agrees to use the data for the agreed upon intended purpose.  NSACH is requesting data regarding Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) in counties that are served by NSACH for their regional planning project that is addressing unintended pregnancies.


Data Sharing Agreement: Olympic Community of Health

In February of 2017, Olympic Community of Health entered into a Data Sharing Agreement with the Health Care Authority.  The HCA Data Sharing Agreement identifies, describes and protects the data being provided to the Olympic Community of Health and agrees to use the data for the agreed upon intended purpose.  OCH is requesting data related to individuals who are prescribed opioids and , and the prescribing of providers in the OCH region.




CCHE: Evaluating the ACH Initiative

The Health Care Authority (ACH) has contracted with the Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) to evaluate the ACH initiative.  The attached report discusses the approach to evaluating the Accountable Communities of Health Initiative. 


CCHE: Evaluation Executive Summary & Final ACH Evaluation

The Center for Health and Evaluation (CCHE) discusses the development of Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs), both as an initiative within Healthier Washington and as individual coalitions dedicated to regional population health improvement in their first year evaluation report.