Funds Flow Considerations


Funds Flow 101

This resource is a presentation provided by Manatt for the WA Health Care Authority for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program.  The presentation gives an overview of Funds Flow.


Guidance on Design Fund Non-Allowable Expenditures

Accountable Communities of Health will be required to describe actual expenditures of Phase I Project Design funds and provide a projected Phase II Project Design funds budget as part of the their Phase II Certification Submission Template.  Costs must be reasonable for services rendered.  This resource created by Healthier WA  is an overview of non-allowable expenditures for Project Design funds.

Project Design Fund Spending-Examples

Project Design funds are intended to allow ACHs to begin to develop the technology, tools, and human resources for ACHs to pursue Medicaid transformation goals. HCA has provided a list of specific non-allowable expenditures for Project Design funds. A number of sources were reviewed to develop the list of non-allowable expenditures, including current state and federal funding guidance and other states’ DSRIP program guidance.