Developing Effective Governance 

This webinar focuses on two critical elements of effective ACH governance – clear decision-making processes and formalized structures. Presenters shared lessons learned from other multi-stakeholder engagements including example decision making workflows, and dispute resolution processes, as well as policies, disclosures, and example strategies for addressing conflicts of interest that may arise. General guidance on the purpose of a governing body, principles of good governance and additional examples of formalizing structures and establishing decision making processes are provided. (May 2017)


Generic Bylaws

Bylaws are the rules that an organization is governed by.  They set forth the structure of the board and the organization.  Bylaws are a legal document, which means there are legal requirements for what should be included in the bylaws. The requirements vary depending on the state in which you operate in.


Governance Best Practices (August 2017)

This webinar, presented by Manatt, focuses on ACH governance & organizational structure requirements; the purpose of a governing body; principles of good governance; effective ACH governance; the decision-making process to include transparency, voting thresholds, workflows and dispute resolution; formalized structures: conflicts of interest and ACH governance evolution.