Project Planning


Theory of Action & Project Plan Webinar

The following resource is a webinar given on June 5th, 2017 regarding the Theory of Action and Project Plan Template. This resource gives ACHs exercises that can support a strong Theory of Action and Alignment Strategy as well as to take a look at Project Plan Template, goals, timelines and overview.


OCH Health Initiatives Inventory Template

Provided by Olympic Community of Health this resource is an example of a Health Initiatives Inventory Template.  OCH compiled a worksheet to show the health initiatives by waiver project, this document is a living document and updated as needed.


WA DSRIP Certification Phase II Webinar

In June 2017, Manatt gave a webinar as the DSRIP Technical Assistance contractor for Healthier Washington on the Certification Phase II Submission.  The webinar gives a debrief on the Phase I Certification and discussion of the changes for Phase II Certification and Submission Template. 

Building Your Project Portfolio (Updated July 17, 2017)

This webinar was presented by Healthier Washington to present Phase II Certification Transformation Project Planning Criteria.  To provide a summary of the anticipated projects and how ACH is approaching aligning or intersection across anticipated project in support of a project approach. (Updated July 17th, 2017)

DSRIP Library of Evidence Tracking

This current version of the DSRIP evidence catalog provides basic information about the article, report, presentation; an indication of applicable projects; implementation areas addressed; types of information provided.