Project Planning


Development of Transformation Project Plan Template

The following timeline outlines the processes for development of the Transformation Project Plan template.  This timeline provides an opportunity for targeted review and feedback prior to releasing for a broader public comment period. (May 2017)


Project Plan Template Supplemental Workbook

This resource is the Supplemental Workbook Template is for us by ACHs submitting ACH Project Plans as part of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program component of Washington Medicaid Transformation Project Waiver. In addition to the ACH Project Plan Template,  ACHs are required to submit a completed version of this supplemental data workbook.


Project Plan Template (ACH REVIEW DRAFT)

The following document is the Medicaid Transformation ACH Project Plan Template for review by ACHs.  Comment deadline: June 9th,2017.  This document was provided by Healthier Washington.


ACH Contract Draft

This resource is the draft ACH Contract with the Washington State Health Care Authority.  This is a draft that will continue to be adapted.


Phase II Certification Submission Template (Updated July 19th, 2017)

The following resource is the ACH Certification Process Medicaid Transformation Project Demonstration Submission template provided by Healthier Washington.  Phase II Certification is intend to ensure that each ACH meets state expectations regarding progress and milestones necessary to serve as the regional lead entity and single point of performance accountability to the state for transformation projects under the demonstration. (Updated July 19th, 2017)


Phase II Certification Budget Template (Updated July 19th, 2017)

Each ACH must secure approvals from its primary decision-making body for: (1) a detailed budget plan for Project Design funds awarded under Phase I Certification; and (2) an approach for projecting and budgeting for the Project Design funds anticipated to be awarded under Phase II Certification. This Supplemental Excel Worksheet Template is intended to provide HCA with a high-level view of the ACH’s budget for Project Design funds anticipated to be awarded under Phase II Certification. For Phase II Certification, this template is required. This template is not intended to replace financial functions or systems employed by the ACH. (Updated July 19th, 2017)

ACH Project Planning Worksheet

As part of the Project Plan submission, ACHs will be expected to provide a description of the rationale, target population, and scope (among other things), for every project selected.  This worksheet is intended to support early thinking for the project planning process. (June 2017)  

ACH Phase II Certification Submission Drafting Guidance

This resource is drafting guidance intended for ACHs to use as they prepare their Phase II Certification submissions.  It provides pointers for crafting a robust answer to each question. (July 19th, 2017)

Phase II Certification Scoring & Evaluation Webinar

This resource is an overview of ACH Phase II submission review and scoring.  This resource is to help ACHs to demonstrate it is well-positioned to serve as the regional lead entity for Medicaid transformation, achieve certification and obtain maximum funding. (July 17, 2017)