Project Planning


Theory of Action & Project Plan Webinar

The following resource is a webinar given on June 5th, 2017 regarding the Theory of Action and Project Plan Template. This resource gives ACHs exercises that can support a strong Theory of Action and Alignment Strategy as well as to take a look at Project Plan Template, goals, timelines and overview.


OCH Health Initiatives Inventory Template

Provided by Olympic Community of Health this resource is an example of a Health Initiatives Inventory Template.  OCH compiled a worksheet to show the health initiatives by waiver project, this document is a living document and updated as needed.


WA DSRIP Certification Phase II Webinar

In June 2017, Manatt gave a webinar as the DSRIP Technical Assistance contractor for Healthier Washington on the Certification Phase II Submission.  The webinar gives a debrief on the Phase I Certification and discussion of the changes for Phase II Certification and Submission Template.