Advocacy & Lobbying: Building Knowledge & Skills

ACH's are at a "pivot point" to be hearing about challenges at the local level that, given their access to state leaders, makes their voice critical in policy and system change circles at multiple levels.  It is important to know the rules of the road for ACHs when dealing with advocacy and lobbying.  This resource provides information on what an ACH can and can't do in regard to advocacy and lobbying as well as provides scenarios for ACHs to help in this work.


CPAA: Shared Learning Syllabus & Presenter's Guide

Shared learnings are one of the four core operating principles of the Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA). By routinely incorporating shared learnings into Council meetings, CPAA focuses on exploring and sharing opportunities to support CPAA action and innovation.  The draft Shared Learning Syllabus is being used to set the CPAA priorities for shared learnings at the monthly council meetings.  The Presenter's Guide is used to prepare the presenters to help them and give them an idea of CPAA's expectations of the presenters.